Welcome to Nine Twilights

April 6, 2016



So if you can’t tell from the image above, we’re taking another short break while Andrea recovers from an emergency surgery she needed to have. There was a bit of discussion whether to keep posting from the backlog or take away the pressure and have Anne do clip art versions of the same thing so we don’t get behind during her recovery. I think we chose right. So for the next couple of weeks, you can look forward to the fantastic artistic stylings of Anne before we return to a regularly posting schedule once Andrea is fully recovered. So for now, enjoy Page 5 as only Anne can do.

If that little bit of Anne isn’t enough for you, watch her episode of LEGO DC Superhero Girls right now on the youtubes

Don’t forget, Anne also works as one of the writers on the team that is making VAST a pretty cool tabletop RPG hack put together by Jackson Lanzing and his team that airs every Monday on Geek & Sundry/Nerdist’s Project Alpha. Chapter 2 is ready to start and hopefully you all enjoy it.