Welcome to Nine Twilights

April 6, 2016



Hello it’s time for Page 41 and Baldur is not a happy camper.

Hey Pacific Northwest friends. We’re back at Rose City Comic Con again this year. After some really fun years there is no way we would miss saying hi to the people we’ve met, and any new fans. Be sure to buy your tickets now!

You can find us at Artist Alley table GG-07 and we look forward to seeing as many of you as we can there for this, our fourth year doing the show with Nine Twilights! So come on by, say hi, and pick up some rad stuff from the table while you are at it!

Also we are also excited to announce that we will be on a panel at Rose City Comic Con called:

MAGICAL GIRLS AND MYTHOLOGY  on Friday, September 7th in Panel Room 2 from 3:00-3:50 PM.

We are so excited to be joined by the creative likes of KEL MCDONALD (Sorcery 101/Misfits of Avalon), SHAUN GILROY (The Wild Hunt), and ADAM P. KNAVE (Amelia Cole, Once and Future Queen). Come listen to us talking about the legends, folklore and myths we love and how they have inspired us!



Nine Twilights artist Andrea Rosales has a new comic released with writer Diane Rockell sale via Gumroad right now!

“A Worthy Distortion” is a comic that tells the story of a woman fighting and overcoming her own self-doubt in the mirror. It’s an inspiring and uplifting tale that we hope you will take a look at. It’s only $5 on Gumroad, so hop on over and go take a look!


While you’re at it, be sure to like and follow Andrea’s shop, Good Walrus Goods the official Good Walrus Goods Facebook page , the official Good Walrus Goods Twitter page, and the official Good Walrus Goods Instagram!


Nine Twilights is officially back!!

Check in on Wednesdays for the continuation of Chapter 2. We’ll be picking up right where we left off with page 29.

You can expect regular updates on Wednesdays, so stay tuned and spread the word!



Be sure to also watch Anne’s episode of LEGO DC Superhero Girls right now on the youtubes!