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April 6, 2016




Can Wanda, Baldur and Sari resist the EVILS of the thriller?

Find out on the new Chapter 2: Page 46!


Nine Twilights is coming to EUCON!

Come and find artist Andrea Rosales  and editor Chris Hansbrough at Artist Alley table AB-4!

We’ll have plenty of Nine Twilights mini-comics available for you to purchase, so don’t miss us!

(and swing by table AB-11 where our good friend Georgia Henderson is tabling too!)



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The Pub Crawl Anthology




Hey friends! Did you know you can buy our minicomic on both Itch.io and Gumroad? Because you can and you should. It’s a great way to support the team and get a fantastically fun adventure along with it.

A NINE TWILIGHTS mini adventure previously exclusive to Rose City Comic Con!

In a past age, 16 year old Wanda Dusekova was once known as ODIN – yeah, *the* Odin. But these days, she’s stuck cleaning up her past life’s many messes – including a pesky pending apocalypse! She and her squad – numbering an irresponsible runaway, the reincarnations of Freyja and Ullr, and her kinda-son/sorta-boss Baldur – can’t even take a day for some R&R without the legions of the vengeful undead striking! What’s a modern-day magical girl to do but grab her spear and save the day?

Words – Anne Mortensen-Agnew

Art –  Andrea Rosales

Colors – Diane Rockell and Georgia Henderson


Nine Twilights artist Andrea Rosales has a new comic released with writer Diane Rockell sale via Gumroad right now!

“A Worthy Distortion” is a comic that tells the story of a woman fighting and overcoming her own self-doubt in the mirror. It’s an inspiring and uplifting tale that we hope you will take a look at. It’s only $5 on Gumroad, so hop on over and go take a look!


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Nine Twilights is officially back!!

Check in on Wednesdays for the continuation of Chapter 2. We’ll be picking up right where we left off with page 29.

You can expect regular updates on Wednesdays, so stay tuned and spread the word!



Be sure to also watch Anne’s episode of LEGO DC Superhero Girls right now on the youtubes!