RAGNAROK: The Twilight of the Gods

Eons ago, nine of the gods, lead by Odin, made a pact: as they died in their final battle, they would be reincarnated upon Midgard and take the chance to live new lives free of their past transgressions.

But as the gods survived, so too did their enemies.

Wanda is a sixteen-year-old girl who dreams of independence and respect from her family and hometown.  But her world is rocked when she meets a strange man who introduces himself as Baldur, New King of Asgard, and her as his father Odin reborn.  The gods’ breach of fate allowed an ancient enemy, whose identity remains a mystery to Baldur, to seek vengeance.  Now, Wanda and Baldur must find the remaining eight gods and bring peace to the nine worlds – before it’s too late.