Break Month Day 1: The Origin of Editing

March 1, 2017

Nine Twilights is something that’s been in the works for a long time, something we’ve all wanted to do. When I first met Anne, it was through us getting in an internet fight… on tumblr… over Suikoden. You know what that leads to right? Years of friendship because of our mutual love for a long dead RPG series not many people know about. I had been out of the comics game for years at that point. A couple really bad experiences with non-payment had soured me on the idea of ever working in that industry again. I spent my time dedicating myself to different ventures like the import toy site Plastikitty and the pop culture site Nerdstock. But then Anne and I started talking regularly about what she did, we became closer as friends, and eventually, we both talked about moving forward on the comic ideas she kept saying she had in her head. And thus, Nine Twilights was born.

At first it was just a tumblr side with some art from one of her good friends Jane. And then it built into more. We fleshed it out, we searched for an artist and found Andrea who fit the style we were looking for to a T. And then our designs built, and built. We worked on that and layouts for a long time. Even delaying our launch until we felt like we were totally ready. There were problems and snags we ran into along the way that led to us having to rework entire segments of symbology. We’ll get into that in a later update. But I think the most important thing was getting to a point where we were confident we could get through the entire chapter without missing an update.

And we didn’t.

We didn’t miss a single update for a year. 95 pages, 2 pages a week. We powered through every setback we had and we made it.

I had been out of comics for so long. I was scared to get back in. It took me a bit to find my place as an editor but now that I have, I’m feeling a love for comics again that I haven’t felt since I first saw my name published in the credits of a book. And really, I have Anne, Andrea, and Nine Twilights to thank for that. All of us care so much about what we’ve built and can’t wait to see where we take it from here.

Thank you all.

Chris Hansbrough – Editor of Nine Twilights.