Break Month Day 2: Layouts Are Fun

March 3, 2017

One of my favorite things about working on Nine Twilights was working things with Andrea from the layout stage to the final page that was posted. It was an interesting process she had. Sketch it out in a notebook then stitch it all together. Multiple pages went through a bunch of different variations until we found what we wanted but we always ended up happy with the final product. Watching her work, especially now that I can actually regularly see her work has been incredible. She’s such a professional. From start to finish, she put some fantastic things in front of us. Which all makes us so glad she decided to work on this with us.

I loved the way she laid out panels as well. As someone new to comics she didn’t have a lot of the knowledge a lot of people have. She instantly had a grasp on things that take a long time for people to pick up. She understood panel flow, she understood how to use the breaks to tell a story. The family argument working out and ending in a solid line rather than the broken mirror. That was all her. It wasn’t in the script outside of the number of panels on the page. She just instinctively knew how to tell a fantastic story with the way the page broke down. From day one she was a joy to work with. Through the good times and the hard times she always managed to keep getting the work done and with a fantastic sense of style.