Break Month Day 8: KrisRix

March 23, 2017

KrisRix is an artist living a life of transience between New York and Montreal. Together with their spouse, Simon Gannon, they work under the group name atelierMUSE, putting out comics, storyboards for films, illustrations, workshops, and more. They can always be found at Montreal’s anime convention, Otakuthon.
Kris is currently part of a Kickstarter for Conceptual Heist, a Jazzpunk, art heist webcomic, which is looking to fund a colored print edition of their first Issue – and Kris is the colorist!
KrisRix’s interests include endlessly scrolling through social media feeds, coming up with more ideas than they can finish (or even bother starting), and napping. They can be found on Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook.