Nine Twilights – The Minicomic!

September 26, 2018

We’re proud to announce that our first minicomic is available for purchase! We worked really hard to put this thing together and are very excited to find more ways to get it into the eyes of you all, our readers and fans who have been following us since we started this adventure. The short story introduces more characters and a fun group dynamic for you to get really excited for. So what are you doing? Head on over and pick it up for yourself on or Gumroad today!

A NINE TWILIGHTS mini adventure previously exclusive to Rose City Comic Con!

In a past age, 16 year old Wanda Dusekova was once known as ODIN – yeah, *the* Odin. But these days, she’s stuck cleaning up her past life’s many messes – including a pesky pending apocalypse! She and her squad – numbering an irresponsible runaway, the reincarnations of Freyja and Ullr, and her kinda-son/sorta-boss Baldur – can’t even take a day for some R&R without the legions of the vengeful undead striking! What’s a modern-day magical girl to do but grab her spear and save the day?

Words – Anne Mortensen-Agnew

Art –  Andrea Rosales

Colors – Diane Rockell and Georgia Henderson