Welcome to Nine Twilights

April 6, 2016




Let us grab your attention with page 33!



Also, if you’re in the Seattle, Washington area THIS weekend of June 9th-10th, come out and say hi to artist Andrea Rosales at the Mahouto Summer Market, at the Yesler Community Center in Seattle!

Mahouto Summer Market is a free two-day  event featuring Seattle and PNW artists who are inspired by Japan and Asia and all things kawaii and anime and Japanese culture related! Nine Twilights artist Andrea Rosales will be available for commissions and will be selling her adorable Good Walrus Goods merch at this show, so don’t miss it! Stay tuned for updates on this event on the official Good Walrus Goods Facebook page and the official Good Walrus Goods Instagram!



Support independent comics and look out for a special Nine Twilights ad in these fantastic issues from ALTERNACOMICS! We’ve taken out an ad for our comic in May’s issues of Tinseltown #2, Zero Jumper #2 and Doppelganger #4, so check those out wherever comics are sold near you and look for our original Nine Twilights ad!


Nine Twilights is officially back!!

Check in on Wednesdays for the continuation of Chapter 2. We’ll be picking up right where we left off with page 29.

You can expect regular updates on Wednesdays, so stay tuned and spread the word!


One big giant thank you to everyone who stopped by our table this past weekend at VanCAF in Vancouver, Canada! We had such a great time tabling with our good friend Georgia Henderson and meeting new artists and fans and we are so grateful for the opportunity! Thank you for making it special for us!


Be sure to also watch Anne’s episode of LEGO DC Superhero Girls right now on the youtubes!